About Bambi

Born in 2013, this independent sustainable & ethical clothing brand was inspired by the love of flamboyant vintage clothing.
In 2014 Retro Bambi was awakened and re-born by the love of festivals. This once small market stall became a celebration of fun with a creative, dazzling and imaginative thirst for colour.


We offer 100% unique, authentic, exclusive and distinctive handmade clothing plus one off re-cycled/re-worked clothing.
Retro Bambi has combined our knowledge of the vintage/retro fashion and the use of discarded raw fabric/material waste to bring you a range of clothing which will help create a sustainable product and way of life.
We deconstruct and reconstruct pieceʼs to soften our environmental footprint. All the materials and hardware including trims, zips, wadding, elastic and thread are recycled.
We revamp using secondhand materials so that it is not wasted and placed in landfill.


Our ethos is exuberant clothing at affordable prices and to become part of the big wheel that is trying to change the fast fashion society.
All our handmade/re-worked garments are individually designed so no one piece is the same.
None of our clothing/material is outsourced from wholesale plus everything is made within the UK reducing the carbon footprint.
All our excess material is given to charity.


We maybe a small independent company that has taken the festival scene with ease but we feel like a big brand.
We aspire to being something different and something that amazes.
Each year we grow, each year we change and each year we move forward so Retro Bambi does not become a stagnated brand.
Not only for the brave and bold but for the people that have yet to be awakened .